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We have an opportunity to bring a question to the voters for the first time since Virginia became the last state in the nation to allow elected school boards in 1992.

Over 7,000 signatures are needed by July 14 to get this question on the ballot:

“Shall the method of selecting the school board be changed from appointment by the governing body to direct election by the voters?”

You can sign the petition online by visiting

Your signature on this petition does not signify an intent to vote "yes" on the question listed above, but it does signify support of democratic principles and voter participation by bringing this question for the voters to decide.

I believe in an elected School Board

I believe in an elected School Board. Visit to sign the petition today.

Taking Steps to Make Change

Last year, I unsuccessfully sought public office, but I didn’t fail. I came to the realization that I could still make the change I want in my community by working with those around me. Some of the things I ran on are happening now, and the things that haven’t yet, I’m taking steps to make them happen in the near future.

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